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The leaping/handspring ace crusher is like the standard for black indy wrestlers, lol.

Does that mean Jimmy Jacobs gotta little black in him?


jim “i’m uncomfortable but also kind of aroused” gordon 

GFW gonna put NJPW’s January show on American PPV.

First official piece of business and already making waves.


Doom Patrol covers by Simon Bisley.

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You ever notice how often Scully has to wait for someone to explain what the case us? Like Mulder will wait till their at the crime scene or close by. Like why doesn’t anyone just answer Scully right at the moment.

Another black high flier. Does 630 senton. Corner back leaping Ace Crusher. Looks like he got potential.

Shynron is obviously in, and too obvious to win it.

Race Jaxon of that tag team NRG is in. I’m curious about this Marq Quen. Gonna look him up now.


Ryan Sook


So Beyond wrestlings cancellations are because the club the do shows at was the scene of a shooting. Now Fete Music has to deal with whatever happens afterwards.

Once again some asshole ruining things for other people.

Read about that whole FKA Twigs story-seriously, just makes Twlight fans even more stupid.