BLACK WIDOW #14 by Phil Noto

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Finished watching and like a lot of Shimmer shows there is a chunk of just meh-to okay stuff. But when they put up the right pair, all gold.

Madison Eagles is always on point and her taking on Jessicka Havok was great. Hikaru Shida and Nicole Matthews match was very good (and what a kendo stick shot at the end). Lufisto and Melissa was damn fine.

I also liked Saraya and ThunderKitty too.


Guess who

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Also its like old school British punk mom tangling with young American punk girl. If I was one of these super geeks thats some shipping stuff right there.

BTW-Allisyn Kay comes out to Nickelodeons All That theme.

There is something very sexual about Saraya’s desire to hurt people.

ThunderKitty vs. Sweet Saraya-Alright match. Good chemistry in personalities and I like Sarayas mean streak. I also enjoy her modified surfboard finisher, Bridal Rocking Horse.

A throwback in ThudnerKitty facing a real throwback in Sweet Saraya.

I hope we see Sweet Saraya on Total Divas with her daughter Paige. I’d tune in.

I always forget Lufisto is French-Canadian until she speaks English.

KimberBomb vs. Mary Lee Rose and Crazy Mary Dobson-Some of Dobsons offense was really got my attention however she kinda seemed lost toward the end. KimberBomb of course has two ladies I like. Okay tag match.


Dan Brereton

ThunderKitty got some good throwback style promos.

Melanie Cruise vs. Mia Yim-Little rough in patches but some very good moves through out. Love Yim.

Heidi Lovelace vs. Nikki Storm-Okay match. I’m not as impressed with Storm as others. At least her in ring work.

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