Check out this mix on @8tracks: Nerdcore by WestsideGoth.

Remember Nerdcore? No? Its alright. It was just a bunch of nerds, geeks, and dorks rapping. Here’s a few songs that I like by the likes of MC Frontalot, ytcracker, and mc chris.

White Kids Love Hip Hop-MC Chris
Carmen Sandiego Has Bad Morals-MC Lars & YTCcacker
Gimme Dat Mic-Random
On The Hunt-Sinister Six
Flintlock Glock-Capt. Dan and the Scurvy Crew
Joystick-Dr. Awkward
The Other Devil-Schaffer the Darklord
Respect the Moderator-Optimus Rhyme
Spetsanaz-Kabuto the Python
Yellow Lasers-MC Frontalot
Origin of the Species-MC Frontalot
Beautiful Girls-MC Skeletor & Sean Kingston
Head Shot-Zealous1 & Benjamin Bear
Game Theory-YTCracker

God Damn-Goto vs Styles. Great chemistry. Amazing match!

Well that was the best of the Benjamin matches I’ve seen though not the best Shibata one. Still, an excellent encounter.

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I was surprised when Smith beat Shibata but Kojima? The only man to hold the IWGP and Triple Crown? Its obvious NJWP likes him. He has improved considerably thanks to Japan.

It occurred to me just now watching Hemlock Grove scene with Dougray Scott and Famke Jenssen-this is the guy who actually beat Hugh Jackman for the Wolverine role but lost it due to an injury having an onscreen affair with the lady who played Jean Grey/


From Black Kiss by Howard Chaykin

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On this day: The near two-year reign of Mitsuharu Misawa as All Japan’s Triple Crown holder came to an end at the hands of “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, whom finished off Misawa with a devastating Backdrop Driver to win his first Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship. (7/28/94)

So Brian Cage, AR Fox, and Trent? are out of BOLA. Candace and Joey are obvious replacement choices but a couple names I’d like to see: Eddie Kingston, Tim Donst, Ultramantis Black, Silver Ant, Chris Dickinson, and Jimmy Jacobs.

watch Day 5

I’ve been grabbing only random matches but I did DL Shibata/Benjamin. Whats your fave G1 matches thus far? I want to know if I missed any particualr excellent one.

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Who the fuck did Benjamin bribe to be killing this tournament? I mean I only seen a few matches but Shibata should be winning his block. Whatever though, as long as the matches are good. Benjamins match with Ishii was the pretty good.