5 out of 6 for my BOLA predictions.

Also, Taylor pinned the former champ-even more steam for him going into his first round match up.


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I told myself I wouldn’t watch season 3 of Once Upon a Time but I did and for the most part its been fine but that little brat Henry went  and did something stupid because of course he did.



*wife and I move into our new house* 

bae: wow :) it’s even bigger than I thought lets unpack our things.

*unpacks a creepy ass doll* 

bae: wow, how’d this get in here I haven’t seen this since my childhood..I swore we threw it away years ago? oh well..*she tries to put that obvious demon shit up on the dresser in our room*




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Guillem March


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The teams for KOT thus far have been fine but a bit lacking. Obviously Chikara mainstays. Only two outsider teams thus far though I am interesting in both. There’s still 8 teams left so I expect some surprise.

Joey Ryan tweeted this.

Throwbacks and Icarus are the Golden Trio.

Yeah, nice team but they’re not making it to finals.